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Joe Gablick at the tying desk Joe Gablick
I began tying flies as a commercial tier around 30 years ago. I quickly tired of tying flies the way people like to see them, instead of the way the fish like them. I wanted to bring the art back into my tying. That is when I started studying the classic salmon flies.

I did all of the required reading, Kelson, Francis Francis, Pryce-Tannatt, Jorgensen, etc. After much reading and practice, I began turning out acceptable salmon flies. I used substitute material in the beginning, and then moved on to authentic materials. There is no hurry when you are dressing these classics. Time is not a factor and therefore, there is no excuse for mistakes.

Joe Gablick with Rainbow I enjoy studying the work of other classic fly dressers and learning from them. There is nothing like the satisfaction of completing one of these classics, and God willing, I hope to be able to dress them for a long time. I am proud to be a part of "The Classics" web page, and to be included with the great fly dressers that are showcased here.


Joe Gablick

Editors Note: As witnessed above Joe cannot only tie flies but he knows how to use them. This is a rainbow Joe recently caught that is in the 5-pound range. Nice fish Joe. Joe and his wife Amy have a great web site called "The Contented Angler". In Joe's words, "why don't you cast on over and check it out". The Contented Angler is another must see site. When you visit tell Joe and Amy The Classics sent you their way.

Joe Gablick's Showcase Flies

June 2006
Baron by Joe Gablick

Black and Gold
June 2006
Black and Gold by Joe Gablick

June 2006
The Bluestreak by Joe Gablick

June 2006
Limelight by Joe Gablick

Joe and his wife Amy have a great web site called The Contented Angler.

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