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Kim Rasmussen is a fly tier from Copenhagen Denmark. Kim tied his first trout flies at the age of 15 and started as a semi professional fly tier a few years later.

His interest in classic salmon flies started in 1980, fishing for salmon on a famous Swedish salmon river. Since then he has become a renowned salmon fly tier, who often ties at demonstrations and shows. Kim owns and runs the shop Salmon Fly Aps in Copenhagen, Denmark, best known for its vast collection of high quality fly tying materials.

Kim has created a beautiful poster of all of the known flies designed by Major John Traherne. The poster was created using flies tied by Kim. It covers all 28 known Traherne flies. This beautiful poster can be seen and ordered at Salmon Fly Aps. Please check it out, there you will view some of the most beautiful flies ever designed and Kim has done an outstanding job of staying with the original materials as called for in the original patterns by Major John Traherne.

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Kim Rasmussen's Showcase Flies
Updated on 07/07/06

Black Argus
June 2006

Fakfak Sunset
June 2006

Golden Grace
June 2006

Jungle Don
June 2006

June 2006

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Kim owns and runs the shop Salmon Fly Aps in Copenhagen, Denmark. Check it out.

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