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Ronn Lucas, Sr. Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Ronn is a Dental Technician by trade and has operated his own Dental Lab since about 1969. Close and precise work is not a stranger to Ronn since he creates gold and porcelain teeth during the day and flies to get stuck in fish’s teeth at night. He was born and raised in Portland Oregon where he has lived all his life.

I have been creating things with my hands all of my life. I was a pre teen in the mid fifties when I met a lady by the name of Audrey Joy. Mom would drop me off in the sporting goods section of a large Portland department store when she was shopping. Audrey tied flies at a card table in the middle of the department. My folks weren’t outdoors people so, I had never even fished in those days but, I was fascinated by the bugs Audrey created out of bits of fur, feathers and a hook. I sat and watched her for hours on end. Finally one day, Audrey gave me some feathers. Hair and a few hooks to take home and try tying something.

I was excited by the prospect that I might create some of the flies like Audrey tied so, off I went. When I got home, mom gave me some black thread (just her sewing thread) and, a bit of candle wax . I had no vise, no bobbin, none of the tools we Tyers are so fortunate to have these days. In the days that followed, I tied a couple dozen of the world’s best and most beautiful flies. Mankind had never seen such beautiful creations.

The next time mom and I went to the store, I took the flies I had tied. My chest swelled with pride when I dumped *the collection of flies out on the now familiar card table in front of Audrey. Time has dulled my memories of those days but, I can’t recall her frowning or finding much fault with those humble creations. Somehow, a few more than a dozen of those flies have survived the years and how rest in a frame. Every time I pass by and look at them I am struck by how crude and homely they are.

That was about the extent of my early tying. When I got old enough to get myself somewhere to fish, it was usually with casting gear and later spinning gear.

I think it was in my early twenties that I started to fly fish but, spin fishing was more likely than not my usual method. Later, Flyfishing became more and more the method of choice and now, I fish almost exclusively with the fly.

When I started to tie again, I did so pretty much alone and was for the most part self taught. Later, I read books and magazines on the topic until it became something of an obsession. I collected feathers and fur with reckless abandon. The most recent focus of my tying attention is tying the fully dressed flies.

Over the years I have had a few of my patterns published in magazines and books, won a few contests and have recently begun to do some writing. YOu can see some of my work at FlyAnglersOnLine.com, the internet’s best on line Fly Fishing magazine.

I announced recently that I had purchased the business and hook making equipment of my good friend Ron Reinhold.

Ron Reinhold had been making what is considered by many to be the best hand made hooks available since 1993. For many years now, Ron has been working on a book project for which he is now ready to devote all of his time finishing and publishing it. Making hooks just didn't fit his schedule he envisioned thus I am now in the hook making business. I have spent a lot of time learning the trade form Ron and I am looking forward to what the furture holds.

That’s about it. I am just a Fly Tyer who does nothing truly remarkable other than assemble bits of fur & feathers on a hook.

Happy Trails!


Editors Note: I for one am look forward to seeing flies tied on Ronn's hooks here on "The Classic Salmon Fly" in the near future.

To view Ronn's new web site please check it out at www.ronnlucassr.com. You can reach Ronn by email at ronn@ronnlucassr.com.

Also, I might add that Ronn is a great mentor. I don't know how many times I emailed Ronn with what I thought to be an endless stream of questions and he never failed to answer them no matter how simple the question.

Following are but a few of Ronn's creations. Ronn has a gift of making everyday tying material look like gold when he ties it on a salmon fly hook.

Ronn Lucas, Sr's. Showcase Flies

American Pie
June 2006
American Pie tied by Ronn Lucas, Sr.

Amherst & Teal #5
June 2006
Amherst and Teal tied by Ronn Lucas, Sr.

June 2006
Clansman tied by Ronn Lucas, Sr.

Dream Weaver
June 2006
Dream Weaver tied by Ronn Lucas, Sr.

Ed's Fly
June 2006
Ed's Fly tied by Ronn Lucas, Sr.

June 2006
Patriot tied by Ronn Lucas, Sr.

June 2006
Precursor Teal tied by Ronn Lucas, Sr.

Untitled #5
June 2006
Untitled 5 tied by Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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To view Ronn's new web site please check it out at www.ronnlucassr.com.

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