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Classic Fly Art by Sarah Briston
Scottish based artist, Sarah Briston, is fast making a special place for herself in this unusual discipline.

In her quest to find examples of classic flies that are the most challenging to tie and paint, Sarah has worked with tyers from Sweden, Sven-olov Hard ; Canada, Bryant Freeman and Jerome Molloy; Italy, Fabrizio Gajardoni; England, Dave Carne and from Scotland, Davie McPhail.

Sarah's Classic Fly Art can be seen on permanent exhibition at the Still Life Studio in Speyside and the Tomintoul Art Gallery.

Sarah's art is also available in high quality limited edition prints and originals, or if you prefer, she also takes commissions, working from either a photo or from the original masterpiece.

Sarah Briston

Editors Note: Sarah's Classic Fly Art can be seen on her web site, www.classicflyart.com or you can contact her at sarahbriston@hotmail .co. If you are interested in bidding on some of Sarah's work check out her current autions on Ebay. If there are no current auctions open check back weekly as she in her words has an aution up "every fortnight".

Thanks Sarah and welcome to "The Classic Salmon Fly".

The Fly Art of Sarah Briston

Tied by Bryant Freeman
The Bulldog tied by Bryant Freeman - Painted by Sarah Briston

Tied by Dave Carne
The Fenian tied by Dave Carne - Painted by Sarah Briston

Night Hawk
Tied by Jerome Molloy
The Night Hawk tied by Jerome Molloy - Painted by Sarah Briston

Hard's Fancy
Tied by Sven-olov Hard
The Hard's Fancy tied by Sven-olov Hard - Painted by Sarah Briston

Tied by Davie McPhail
The Jockscott tied by Davie McPhail - Painted by Sarah Briston

Durham Ranger
Tied by Don Williams
The Durham Ranger tied by Don Williams - Painted by Sarah Briston

Roy G Biv
Tied by Fabrizio Gajardoni
The Roy G Biv tied by Fabrizio Gajardoni - Painted by Sarah Briston

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Classic Fly Art
Please check out Sarah's website and view all her work at Classic Fly Art or contact her at sarahbriston@hotmail .co. www.classicflyart.com

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