Nelly Bly
Designed by Major John Traherne
Dressed by Kim Rasmussen

Tag:    Silver twist and green silk (same shade as the green feathers from the macaw).
Tail:    Topping.
Butt:    Black herl.
Body:    In four equal divisions of floss silk: 1: The same colour as the two red feathers of the Red Crow, which are above and below, and butted with black herl, as also is each of the rest. 2: The silk is the same blue as the four Jays. 3: The best idea I can offer is that the silk is the same in tone as that of a green Parrot, and a few shades darker than the tag. 4: Magenta silk, each having four Jungle Cock, as shown.
Rib:    Flat silver tinsel.
Wings:    Two red orange Macaw feathers, with one Jay feather one either side, which are from the overgrowth, having blue on both sides of the shaft; two golden toppings above.
Horns:    Blue Macaw.
Head:    Black herl.
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