Online Life Coaching – Life Path Kundli Astrology

Online Life Coaching – Life Path Kundli Astrology

Every soul has a lifetime Route, vocation, or particular calling. Like a single snow flake, every soul has its own unique design that behaves a blueprint for its distinct purpose in every lifetime. As a lifetime span astrologer, I will decipher this matrix from a comprehensive evaluation of your astrological birth chart.

If you are not Passionate about what you do, you would not ever be successful at it. As Joseph Campbell said, Follow your bliss. Most individuals are not happy with what they are doing and this alone may have a harmful impact on their health. In addition, it can be frustrating when you believe you were intended to be following a very different path from where you now are in life, but you just cannot seem to articulate exactly what that life path is.

We all have our own Unique gifts or skills that we have accumulated from previous lives. These career astrology online are abilities that we obviously carry over from one lifetime into another, like the present to write, sing, or play a musical instrument. In some lives we will use these inborn skills and in other lives we will want to develop new skills.

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Shakespeare once said All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely players. Every soul has its own particular role to play in life especially tailored to instruct the soul what it needs to learn so as to grow and evolve. Each lifetime the spirit incarnates, it plays a key role or archetype. Each archetype is represented by a specific sign and house placement in the natal chart represented by the North Node and its home placement, Tenth House ruler, and planets deposited in the Tenth House.

I began studying Astrology at age twelve. In the past thirty years, I have examined hundreds of graphs. By analyzing your astrological birth chart, I will use my life path astrology experience to ascertain your archetypal life span. To further define the astrology reading, I shall then look over your numerology life path numbers to validate the information collected from your astrological birth chart.

It is well worth the Investment to get expert guidance from a lifetime span astrology expert on the perfect career for you. By interpreting your astrological birth chart, the Archetype your higher self has selected for you in this life can be determined. Some people are natural leaders and will do well by creating their own business. Others are meant to be at the service professions and could be happier as a social worker, massage therapist, or nurse. And others should be In the artistic professions like a singer, sculptor, or painter. One thing Is for certain; if you are not matched up with your proper life path, Conflicts and discord will always crop up, causing you stress, stress, and depression.

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